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2nd home in gay marriage state
If you were looking to buy a second home in one of two states, and one state had legal gay marriage and the other didn't, would you let that weigh in your decision? My partner and I live in Alabama, but we're looking at second homes in TN and NC. Ever since gay marriage was legalized in NC I'm kinda wondering if it should get the nod, or would it not matter at all since our primary residence is in AL?

I've looked everywhere trying to find someone in a similar situation, but haven't found anything.

If you are married or planning on getting married,,, it may make a difference when paying state tax's.
I would check out the state tax codes concerning residency and part time residency when owning homes in two different states.

Even if you aren't married or planning to marry,,, the state tax's for the states you own property in will likely be a problem unless you know what each state expects from you in order to show residency or part time residency. You could end up paying 100 percent in tax's to both states (ouch).

I think (hope) same sex marriage will be legal in all states within a year. So that part may become moot very soon.

I like both - Tennessee & North Carolina. It would be hard for me to pick which one is best (smile)..
I'd probably pick Tennessee because I've always had a dream of making my own moonshine and I think the neighbors would be more understanding in Tennessee - if the Still blew sky high one night (Big Grin)..

Best wishes,
We Have Elvis !!

I agree with Jim... it will be legal in all states within a year. If you want a 2nd home in another state get it for some other reason --- like you enjoy the area or have friends or family there.

Do you have to own property to be considered a resident? Get a PO box and an Airstream.

[Image: Aaron-OConnell-Airstream.jpg]

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