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Grampa's Grinder
Now, notice I was very precise; this thread is about a GRINDER not the notorious grindr!

"Grampa's Ginder" is the concept I have for a new day-time TV show. It's basically a "body building for geriatrics" concept, targeted to my age group and older, and most specifically those who would fear having a heart attack if they ever had to get all the way down on the floor (to crawl under a desk for that damn pair of reading glasses that got knocked off) and get back up again. In other words, old people who are so out of shape, the mere mention of "physical fitness" is likely to illicit blank stares if not scorn.

I'm half way serious about this. There needs to be someone on the TEE VEE breaking PRACTICAL MOVEMENT down in very fine detail -- and SHOWING THEM how "working out" can be something very simple, but vitally important.

Take, for example, this fine young man who, in the space of three youtube videos, breaks down the concept of SQUATTING.

(If you found #1 interesting, be sure to watch all 3)

Of course his target audience are people much younger than I'm talking about -- people who want to do a proper weighted squat with a barbell on their backs. But what interests me, here, is how physical movement is broken down into its component parts, step by tiny step. The same thing could be done for how to sit down into and get up out of a chair -- or how to learn to maintain your balance so you're less likely to fall (this happens a lot to old folk). I'm not exactly sure what the "hook" would be that would get these old farts interest, but I bet some truly savvy marketing guru could come up with something. For sure there would have to be sex appeal -- one's hardly ever to old for that -- but it would have to be *interesting* too, in some way.

Perhaps it could be MCed by this guy:

[Image: Dr-Jeffrey-Life-550x383.jpg]

It's actually a very good idea. The baby boomer generation is now all in their 50s....and 60s.... and maybe even 70s

In my gym...most everyone is over 40 now except for a few hours in the day/evening....

There is definitely a market.

The sad thing about older people and exercise...and fears...exercising and bodybuilding are more likely to PREVENT a heart attack versus causing one.

One of my freinds who was a medic in Vietnam and who had heart problems due to Agent Orange is EXTREMELY physically fit..I think he is late 60s now..and he was a marathon runner but now has to slow down a bit (which would still be faster than most everyone else) because the new device he has for his heart shocks him after a certain speed...and if he has any hope of changing that he has to wait until they need to update the device or battery...

Even with his heart problems he is still in better shape than most guys half his age.....

So...are you goingo proeed with your idea Mike? It is a good one

I like the idea of marketing exercise as cool and hip. Too many people are stuck on their couches and then wonder why it's so tough to pick up the popcorn on the floor when they're doing it for the first time in 8 years. If it takes a certain sex appeal to get people up and moving...then so be it.

He's clearly a trained professional, and making it very doable.

My only request is that he remove that damned Samsung phone from his front pocket. Has he no respect for VPL? Grrrr.

Hardheaded1 Wrote:He's clearly a trained professional, and making it very doable.

My only request is that he remove that damned Samsung phone from his front pocket. Has he no respect for VPL? Grrrr.

My eyes went to the same place.

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