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Go commando
this reminds me of a stand up clip I saw.

[Image: tumblr_n60lwfr0nK1tvauwuo2_250.gif]

I go commando occasionally: when it's super hot and sticky in the summer (I prefer to have my junk breathe down there) or if I'm running behind on laundry.

I don't mind the freedom of going commando but I have tighter underwear for support as well, especially for formal events as I don't want to risk indecent exposure through a pair of khakis or something.

I like the idea of it more than the practice maybe. But I will do it after I swim at the gym usually because I have a spare pair of shorts but no underwear and I'm just driving home anyway. It's always fun to see a hot guy like that though Smile

bort Wrote:I never go commando. I don't even sleep naked. I'm too used to wearing boxers all the time.

It's strange, I haven't worn anything in bed for years now and on the few occasions whenn I have been more or less forced to wear something (in hospital for instance), I have found it so incredibly uncomfortable that I haven't been able to sleep. As for going commando, I do on occasions and very comfortable it is, otherwise I wear boxers
"You can be young without money but you can't be old without money"
Maggie the Cat from "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." by Tennessee Williams

My soldier stands attention when stuff rubs against him. Underwear prevents this.
I suppose it's habitual, but I feel more secure wearing undies.

I go commando every chance I got. I remember only started wearing underwear in the first place as it is the "more mature" thing to do when I was in elementary school. Sleeping with underwear is very uncomfortable to me,though sleeping naked is not my cup of tea either. Certain pants irritate my junk,and sometimes just to keep the junk smell from getting caught on my pant,I wear underwear.

East Wrote:Ditto...I need the support

I agree. However, if I'm wearing a kilt then that's a different story :biggrin:
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I like to in sweats or shorts. Not so much in jeans or dressy pants.

larafan25 Wrote:Though I'm sure you can thwart it, with time.

Or other things. Smile


I wear briefs all the time, I often wear jeans, it'll hurt if I don't wear one

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