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how can i tell if this girl likes me?
(I'm a girl too) So there's this girl in my class and I've really developed a crush on her over the last couple months. We only have math together, and I'm a pretty quiet and shy person, so I usually end up hoping she'll do the initiating, but I feel like she might not initiate either, even if she really is interested in me. But anyways, our eyes meet at least once within five minutes, but it's usually even more frequent than that. And it's a little strange, because we're seated diagnolly from each other, but her body is always positioned so that it's facing me. A lot of the time, she'll place her head down on her desk sideways and look up and smile at me and I smile back and it's just really kind of cute. Sometimes, the eye contact is held for a good while and sometimes we just quickly look away. And the other day, I felt her eyes on me so I turned to look at her and she met my eyes for a couple moments and then she smiled and kind of tilted her head, like in a friendly way. And i don't know what that means, because none of my crushes have ever really done that. I just never know with the whole eye contact thing, because i always thought that if you have a lot of eye contact with someone, it means that they're interested in you. But i've had a lot of eye contact (though not as much) with my other crushes, and they all ended up being straight girls...sooo...any ideas?

Ask her to join you for coffee or tea at one of the student hangouts. Ask her to study at the library. The opportunities for non-threatening interaction are endless.

The only way to know is to ask.

Shadow, Im probably 8 to 10 years older than you and I've been a member here just since June. I remember very well what it's like to be your age and experiencing what you're going through.

I've got bad news.
What you're going through is incurable. It's called Teen years.
There's not one person on earth that hasn't gone through the same thing. I'm sure some of the older members have read your OP and gotten a chuckle out of it because it is the #1 question asked in here.
I'm trying not to.

What's so funny is that not one person in the history of humans has ever sat down and written a rule book or a instruction manual for it. When I was your age I asked the same questions online and got no advice worth remembering or repeating. So I'm going to throw some advice together.

Just do the best you can and learn from mistakes and don't make them a second time.

Don't spend all your time looking for the woman you want
Spend more time becoming the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with.
When you become the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with
There will be a long line of people trying to help you do it.

Other than that, make it up as you go along and write it all down so you can look back in 10 years and get a laugh at yourself.


PS and don't forget to have fun the whole way.

First off, it's nice to see someone else on the forums from Boston! We are growing! Flamingdevil

Now, You may just wanna go ask her to lunch or coffee or something where you can just sit and chat as girls. Maybe, just bring up you're gay in conversation or hint towards it. I have no idea. Just depends what you're comfortable with. There's no harm in trying.
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