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Jurrasic World Trailer
I loved the Jurassic Park series...just for the visuals if nothing else...so I can't wait for this next one. The plot is weak...sounds like they ripped off Aliens 4 : Resurrection...but I can live with that...


Yeah I am a sucker for the Jurassic park movies, and will proberly go see this one.

Still remember when I went to see the first film, it was when I was on summer holiday. The film really blew me away I loved it.

Oh yes i am going to see this one to. The park seems beautiful, it will be nice to have a park like this in the real life Smile

The plot is weak in all of them, it's kind of like getting to be like the Planet of the Apes... going on and on over the years and not really getting any better. At least that's my opinion. *shifty eyes*

Dinosaurs chasing humans, what's not to like? I sure hope they get the hybrid right, it has to look amazing.

I just wanna watch the male actor lol
I never liked jurassic park, I don't think this is gonna be good either



I love the Jurassic Park series, so I am excited for this one. What has me iffy though, is the modified Dinosaur storyline. Although I think that might just be to have something new and bigger to be hunting the humans.

I saw the re-release for Jurassic Park a couple years ago with my boyfriend. The one that was in 3d. I was surprised that the 3D looked good and the effects still held up pretty well. Definitely one of the few gems of a movies that still looks well today. Jurassic Park is a movie that looks pretty but is also a lot of fun with the characters as well, I love the series.

People usually have a problem with my opinion because 2 is my least favorite, although the scene at the end where the T-Rex's go into the city is pretty cool. The movie itself doesn't do anything special or add anything.. which is why I like 3 better. At this point there are probably people who want to burn me at the stake, but I like it better just because it adds a lot of new dinosaurs and the action scenes were pretty cool too.

It looks cool. I'll have to go see it.

I've seen the rest of them, I'm invested now.

I do like the trailer and I will go see it - but why cant they bring back most of the original cast at least because they were as much apart of the success as the dinos were - the actors look like they have been picked to appeal to the Hunger Games crowd (yes I know they want to make as much money as poss) John Hammonds character is now played by a sex siren with studley Mc Muscles in Dr Alan Grants role (not so bad on the eyes though Smile) I would have like a mix of experienced character actors in leads too

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