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Anyone watching this?

I just started. I thought the first episode was a little much with how they introduced a couple of the characters, felt it was a little bit of overload. Now after I couple episodes in, it is definitely growing on me.

Really digging Jim Gordon, definitely and interesting character. Also into the Oswald Copperpot character building as well.

Show has promise and I hope it stays on its feet and plays out well. Arrow has been good and even though I didn't watch Flash yet, I'm hearing good things. DC is definitely stepping up with its TV shows.

Oh yes i watched the whole first season, it's a very good serie ! I am completely agree with you, the introduction of the characters is very good. We can recognize "The penguin", "Cat", "Harvey dent", "Poison Ivy"... I was a little afraid about that, but in fact it's not too much. The acting is very good, and the city of gotham is just crazy ^^ Definitely i like this serie.

To be honest, "Arrow " was my favorite serie but i am little bit disappointed by the third season. I watch "Flash", but i don't really like. I don't like the coworkers of flash, the actors are not very well, for me it's too "nice", too "beautiful", too ""perfect". The city, the offices, the lab are just perfect. It's like a serie for a teenager ^^

1 - Gotham (10/10)
2- Arrow (8/10)
3 - Flash (4/10)

We're lovin' Gotham.

The writers are doing a brilliant job with the characters....but we think they could lose the lesbian GF. She just isn't that interesting. Give Gordon a nice boyfriend instead.

Fish and Oswald Cobblepott are great.

I like Gotham so far but I have only seen the first two episodes. I did see the flash, I thought it was ok, it might be on of the shows I watch on hulu after the season is over.
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I think Gotham is the best show on TV right now. I love penguin and Bruce.

I want to watch this one...I see it on HULU...may start next week as I have a break from Walking Dead 'til spring and I have room for another show....

It's good but I have to force myself to watch it.

I wasn't a fan for the first 3 episodes, but the show gets a lot better as you move through the episodes. Love the Penguin character!

Yeah, the more I watch it the more I have been enjoying it. Definitely a show you have to dig a little into before it starts picking up.

I also agree about the lesbian relationship, it actually seems pretty out of place and comes off trying to start some forced tension between characters.

Gotham is a good show. I love seeing the history of the characters. And most important, Gordon is a hottie. Xyxthumbs
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