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I chopped off my long hair...
You look better with the short in my opinion as well ^_^
And that comes from a man with long hair haha.

Mine reaches my waist now.

I went through the shoulder length phase, hated it, it wasn't short enough to stay out of the face, and wasn't long enough to tie back.

I typically use leather lacing to tie my hair back in a simple pony tail....

It's now long enough I can tie it up, slip on a shirt and keep it inside my shirt and no one knows how long it is....

I plan on getting about 9-10 inches cut off 'soon' to donate to the cancer wig society... but, I want to have enough left to where I can tie it back still and not have hair in the face.

Attached for the wet hair look, right out of the shower before the three hour waiting for it to dry phase....Rolleyes

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Bowyn, you should post a pic with it dry. I'll bet it looks nice.

And I don't think the OP looks the slightest bit "girly" with long hair. He looks even more masculine, just not as balanced. The fineness of his hair is in juxtaposition with the strength of his features.

You look great with that haircut..much younger! :-)

Confirming short being the right choice Smile

way better Smile

You look WAY better with short brown hair man, rather than the long blond.

My impressions?

The long hair made you look creepy and.... seriously creepy. Yep. That about covers it.

The shorter, darker cut makes you look very approachable and completely eradicated the creepy vibe entirely.

Terrific change for the better IMO.

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