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Help! I can't cum!
I don't know what's wrong with my body. The first time I had sex with my partner,2 days before I jerked off (and cum) like 5-7 times in a day,and then 12 hours before meeting him,I also jerked off once,all while watching porn. As the result,my penis head was hurt and I gave up on cumming cause I thought I won't be able to at that time.

A week later,I stopped jerking off 4 days before meeting him,but my penis head still hasn't healed fully (it's gotten better though). I still watched porn like just for preview before deciding to download it or not. And today we finally met and had sex and I still can't cum.

Note that me not cumming is not an indication of the level of pleasure of our sex. The first time was really great,in fact I don't care that I didn't cum because it was so great. The second time? Not as great as the first one,probably cause we talked too much in the middle about serious stuff and it killed the mood for a while.

I'm suspecting I am suffering from SADD effect,but I did slow down on masturbating and porn. Maybe not enough? What other possible cause could it be? Btw, I'm still young and in my early 20s.

I think you have the diagnosis right. You might have gotten so used to your own stimulation it will take a little bit of practice and rearranging your mind to get pas it.....

The mind is your biggest sex organ...you need to relax and find a way to change the channel.

It could be a few things. Could simply just be that the prospect of meeting someone new. There is a pressure to 'perform' to a certain standard and that can lead to overthinking.

It does also sound like you are wanking wayyyy too much. You should see it as fun solo practice for when you're with a partner or a way to get some stress out later in the evening. Few times a day can be healthy but 5-7 times? Sounds super compulsive/maybe covering something in your life that is really stressing you out. Are you doing it that much to distract yourself?

Let your penis heal completely before you play with it any more. Taking a break will not hurt you.
I bid NO Trump!

Maybe it's not just the jacking off but how rough you are with your penis. Go easy on him and maybe use some lube. IS your bf able to make you cum with his hand? If so, you might just be too used to that means of orgasming.

Hey Sackface..... Forget all this lame advice. You need to jerk off at least 6 times a day, watch more porn than you do now and string five or six guys along on dating apps at a time to get a creep license. It's incurable and most people slowly die of it.

But you are not alone.

If you sincerely want to change
They make medicine for your problem that needs to be inserted anally every time you get the urge to jerk off. Here's info.


I think you need to lock up your cock.


What you are doing is pathological.[Image: hm_belts_all.jpg]

The good thing about eating Graham crackers to suppress my chronic masturbation habits is that nobody will think I'm a pervert. They'll just think I'm on a diet. Genius.

Haruka, have you looked at the sugar/carb content of graham crackers?

I grew up--and out--on the things.
I bid NO Trump!

Try to relax... do more foreplay stuff... and uhhhh... graham crackers? Yeah, did not see that one coming.

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