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It is easy to feel overwhelmed and washed out but there are some things that you can do.

Tell your doctor that your really feel the need for therapy and that you are asking for his help in getting it.
Sit down with your boss and make it clear that you are going through a rough time. Maybe you can arrange an extra day off or shift your schedule a little.
Try to treat yourself well with good food, rest and some exercise.
Try to vary your routine, even if it is going to or from work by a different route or changing the way your house is arranged a little.
Do something for someone else. Do you have an older neighbor who you could share a cup of coffee with or a friend who would appreciate a phone call?
Keep posting here. Lots of us face down times and would like to know that you are working toward a better place. We care.
I bid NO Trump!

a lot of good advice in this thread.

Look into light therapy for the winter months as well.


Zeeeeeeeeeetsky Bighug

Hang in there and don't trust the pill pushers!!!!!!!!!!

You are the best Swedish chef ever <3

[Image: swedish-chef.jpg]

hey zet!

im glad you're back to posting! missed yah buddy!

but, yes, I second aj's comments! u go be the best pastissier!


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