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Okay so I'm new to this and have no idea what I'm doing haha
Okay so I'm a 16 year old girl who looks and acts 19. I have always been for gays and gay marriage and have loved the whole idea of it all. The past year I have been looking at girls and I am now starting to feel as if I may be bi. I don't know what I'm scared about but I am terrified. I know my mum would be supportive, my dads a homophobe and most of my friend would be fine with me being bi. But I think I'm just scared of being different. Of sticking out and actually having to tell everyone and having this unwanted attention drawn to me. I'm not 100% that I'm bi or that I even like girls but how am I supposed to know without kissing one? And how am I supposed to do that without everyone questioning me if I'm bi or not. Plus it doesn't help that at the moment I sorta have a thing with a guy who I really love. Will it complicated things? I honestly have no idea what to do.

Ima little confused. I see 18 years, 16 years and 19 years on the same post. My advice would vary depending on the actual age/emotional age of the person in question.

If you are 16, all I can tell you is that you still have a few years to sort out this attraction and then to act upon it when you feel that you are mature or confident enough to handle the possibility of a same sex attraction.

As of now...it doesn't seem that there is any urgency to decide and to be worrying about what your friends and family would think.

Sorry about that that was my mistake. I am 16 years of age but about 19 years of emotional age. I am very mature for my age
I know but I feel as if I want to know and act upon it now

It can't or shouldn't be forced or something to get out of the way just to test out whether you have a same sex attraction. I suspect that when the time is right and the opportunity is right....nature will take its course if you are open to the experience.

You're young and impressionable and highly subject to peer pressure. Someday you'll come to the realization that being one of the herd isn't as great as you think it is, and that strangers opinions of you don't matter. It's YOUR life - not theirs. Do what makes YOU happy.

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