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So it begins
Friend, I wish you the best, but I agree with the counsel that warns the law will be on the side of the heirs.

Your calculations will require significant substantiation, and if it goes into arbitration, you will like not get concurrence with your estimates. They'll do things like slash your watering time, stating that you don't have to directly supervise watering during the times it runs, and this will be discounted due to your residence status.

I wish I could be more encouraging, but in absence of a specific agreement for services that spells out what the assumed rental offset is, they indeed can argue that you agreed that the rent and labor were offsetting.

Best to you, as no one like to be shoved out, but it's obvious they view you as a hostile person if they are avoiding dealing with you directly. The odds are against you, as you know that the law is always on the side of the moneyed interests.

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