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The person below me!
So this is how it goes...i make a statement you say true or false (feel free to add a lil info if ya so wish)

eg..The person below me bites their nails

and the person below answers and makes another...kk..


The person below me has travelled overseas!

True, I have travelled to Greece from Canada (twice!)

The person below me has dressed like a woman at least one.

False...i just don't got the legs Roflmao

The person below me has a body piercin!

False, I don't believe in having shrapnel in my skin.

The person below me has punched someone.

lol awesome.

True. I punched that red head right in his stupid face cause he took my lamington.

The person below me doesnt like his/her job.

False, but I do hate doing my Degree at times and wish I could be in the army.

The person below me loves someone??

True. I love my parents and my brothers!

The person below me believes in ghosts??

True. Absolutely.

The person below me loooooves Marmite.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

o.O False, it tastes like hell on toast!

The person below me smokes like a chimney.

Ky x


True i guess... that is what everyone tells me but i only smoke about 6-10 a day lol

The person below me is a chocolate and candy junkie.

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