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1st time u bottomed
This is kind of an old thread, but I'm fairly new here, so I figure I'll share to it.

Oh, gosh, it was the early 80s and I was in my early 20s and in the Air Force with it's rules and regulations that would have tossed me out and ground me up like hamburger at the time. I had to do some temporary duty (TDY) to Germany and it was my first time to Europe. We worked hard, but the evenings were ours and it was near Christmas. The Germans decorate everything in white lights for Christmas and that trip, there was a lot of snow. Walking around town at night with those lights twinkling in the dark, lighting up the snow sculptures was just magical for a young closeted Florida boy and every night I was off wandering till 11pm or so. One night, I'd been walking for a while, had stopped in for a beer, and had to take a leak, so when I passed the public toilets under the Rathaus (like the town council office), I went in.

It was dark and very cold (no lights or heat, just the streetlamps showing through the tiny frosted glass window), so I walked up to the metal trough urinal and took a piss. Suddenly, from one of the stalls came an older man, easily 6 1/2 feet tall to my 5'11" and probably weighed in at over 300 to my 180...big guy. I was considering a fast departure, but he smiled, walked over, and took out the biggest piece of meat I've ever seen...even to this day...and he was working up to full throttle right there, which just blew me away. Then he started moving sideways towards me until our bodies were touching. My head literally was swimming with lust, terror, and something that must have been a blast of pheromones. This virgin boi was WAY out of his depth. Terror was starting to win over and I zipped up and walked away towards the door. One step and he caught up, putting his huge hand on my shoulder, massive tool still waving and began to push me to the floor. I tried to say something in German, but with a heavy accent he said "no German" and bore me down until the object of my desire was before me...and then so far down my throat I thought I would suffocate.

This went on for a few moments (boy was in heaven) and then another man walked in, falling immediately to his knees, but the giant shouldered him away then pulled me up and led my quavering body to the stall. I was afraid he was going to top me in the stall, but instead, he dropped his trousers and bent over motioned me to top him. I was glad I had practiced putting on a condom although I'd never actually used one, because it was on lickety-split. The feeling of entering him was the most incredible thing..so warm and snug. I never thought about preparing him but it obviously was not his first time. I went right in. I'd like to say I lasted a long time, but that would certainly be a lie. The other man who my giant had spurned was in the other stall, panting loudly and jacking as I fumbled through topping for the first time in the dark. I was so excited by the entire scenario...the thing I'd always dreamed of although never in this type of a venue, that I exploded in moments. My giant friend, turned around, smiled, and chastely kissed me on the lips. We dressed and walked out. He wrote down a phone number on a little slip of paper out on the street and handed it to me.

Three days passed before I had time to call the number. Through the limited German we both had, I managed to get directions to his town via train (about 30 minutes away) and we arranged to meet the next day at the train station in his town. He lived in a very small 3rd floor apartment and immediately made us some coffee when I came in with him. He was a Greek migrant worker living with his nephew, who didn't know his uncle was gay, and who would be home in an hour. I would have liked a bit more time to get to know him, but, I had already decided that if I was going to bottom, this Greek giant would be teaching me the way. As nice as he was though, once he was down to wearing nothing but a monstrous-sized condom, he was as much in heat as I was a few days earlier and I was as unprepared for entry as I possibly could have been. He pushed me back on the counter top and spread my legs, forcing what felt like a Sequoia tree into my ass. OMG...I thought I would die. Thank God he didn't last any longer than I had...maybe even less. Afterwards, he helped me dress, caressed my cheek and made sure I knew the way back to the base. His nephew was due any minute.

I bled for a week and thought I would die walking back to the barracks. It hurt, yes...badly, but I sure learned some lessons from that first time. I've often wondered over the years how my life would have been different if we'd had time to get to know one another. I still fondly remember my Greek giant...a really nice man with Herculean endowment. I wish I could have asked him to prepare the little virgin Yank's ass a bit more though, lol.

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