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Hairy or smooth?
fjp999 Wrote:[COLOR="Purple"]Totally agreed. Love a man, a man has some hair. Dont want no brazilian shavings...

exactly! i am gay! i sleep with men! and like my men manly! ;-P

fjp999 Wrote:Now what we talking about with bushy pubes.... how bushy??? like so bushy ya cant fit it in your briefs? That would be a cause for a little trimming...

ak! urm. well, again depends on the person but, mainly, so that they dont get in your eyes.... and as few in the mouth as possible too please! which is generally easier if they are shorter...

fjp999 Wrote:..."happy trails" make me smile for some reason Party[/COLOR]

what the phrasing?
or whenever you see one? haha!

Ak! Colour!

woodchip50 Wrote:Ak! Colour!

[COLOR="Purple"]You are sooooo gonna get it!!! Messing with MY color!!!

anyways Lol2

Yes, it is called a happy trail and I just love that phrase... so sexy and so happy now isnt it Lol2

Yeah, being poked in the eyes by hairy bush would be real bad... always gonna get something in your teeth or bits falling out or all over the place... finding such days after is always fun for me Ylsurprise [/COLOR]

They'll probably always be "treaure trails" for me, but "happy trails", yes, nice ... reminds of Quicksilver Messenger Service, but mmm, yes Rolleyes <ahem!> , mmm ...

Oh, did I say that out loud? :redface:

I looooove body hair. I dislike smooth Tongue

I think that some guys look great with a bit of hair, while others look good completely furless, jaja! I prefer a bit of hair myself. Not to much, but not to less either. It can be great to pull when things get kinda kinky....Winknudge

I myself am hairy, but I laser my chest and face. I want to start trimming my legs/arms soon too. Is that weird?

SilverStudJ Wrote:I myself am hairy, but I laser my chest and face. I want to start trimming my legs/arms soon too. Is that weird?
Absolutely Wink The laser stuff sounds like Star Wars and as for wanting shorter arms and legs ... :eek:

Have fun anyway Confusedmile:

I like the guy to me smooth, except for a treasure trail, pubes, and arm pit hair. Maybe some on legs and arms is ok, but none on the chest :-P

I don't know it depends on the guy with me, but either way i wouldn't want them to be to hairy (like chubaca) but i'd want them to still have some, it makes them look more manly.

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