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I have a question...

How do you know when he or she are the "one"... you know the guy/gal of your dreams, your soul partner etc, etc... How do you know if he/she is truely the one!

I struggle with this, find myself wanting something I can't have... why can't I be happy with what I've got? Is it a gay thing... is window shopping wrong?

please advise!

You know you found the one when common interests and differences come together to compliment each other and elevate your heart and spirits. And certainly know he/she is not the one when you are fixed intensely to someone else. Although nothing is a rule that's at least what i think.

My friend met his gf in June 2006 in a week he told me she is the one, she thought the same. I thought that they were being childish but now i see it too. They take the right steps to grow their relationship. Very romantic... i guess you know when you find the very right person for you. Confusedmile:

It easy to fall to the trap wanting something you cant have and make it appeal ideal just because you cant have it. So be cautious. In that case you should step out of this and find who is really right for you.

(i fear the moment i will be crowned the Gayspeak's agony aunt lol)

To me you know when you dont need to ask =]
[COLOR="Purple"]As I grow to understand less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.

saltybeanz Wrote:To me you know when you dont need to ask =]


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