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Clinton's Steering committee
What does everyone think of Senator Clinton's campaign to from a steering committee for the LGBT community. I am anxious to see how it will work. The ideas seem pretty good

I would not trust Clinton's steering committee. The trouble was that Bill Cliinton was/is the driver, and there are no seatbelts in the car.

Hi Jim,Welcome to the greates...to Gayspeak!Barack has expressed that he would like to have Hilary as his right hand woman.If this would happen,how much influence would she have on such issues?Is there a difference between both their LGBT policies?

Hello Dan,

I do not trust the Clintons. They have a wonderful vocabulary and they talk nonstop, but when the chips are down, they do not deliver.
Bill Clinton was responsible for the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy in 1993.
His wife is perhaps even more untrustworthy.
I think Obama should run on his own, without the Clintons Clinging to his coat tails.
Remember it was Clinton and Tony Blair who invented the NEW Democratic and NEW Labour parties.
Both the American and British people have suffered from this "New" crap. There is nothing new. It's just the same old politics of deceit.

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