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I was approached last night in the club by a music producer!! Said I'm a good dancer and asked if I'd be interested in being in his videos :eek: RAAAAA :eek:

Yay!!!! thats good isnt it? What did you say ?

it is good...but WOW ;o ... he asked for a contact number so I gave my landline. Smile hows u spoty?

I would say stop dancing like Britney Spears, but I dont want to be mean... Congrats... When you start making lots of money, your going to come see me right? Oh and when you start to back up dance for Janet Jackson, my brothers boyfriend loves her and would love to see here perform and get backstage. :tongue:

haha! Janet Jackson I don't think so. If I do it my dancings gonna be all on the dance music scene ^^ and my dancing is noooot Brintey Spears :O ... heh more like Alice DeeJay <3

Did you get his full name? You could check him on google lol When you meet show him your music too!! He will like it.

I am ok now was with a headache all day today Rolleyes

If your dancing is like Alice Deejay and he liked your dancing then a lot of people over there cant dance. She had some crazy dancing in that video you posted... Hell, I need to come over there and goof off, I might get somewhere far... :tongue:

haha you're having a laugh!

Never.. what makes you think that. Hell, I just woke up.. laughing is the last thing on my mind right now.

Oh Udabar you are a morning person then? So unlike meConfusedmile:

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