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Bought a Fleshjack, and damn is it nice!!
I definitely recommend anyone to get one if they have been thinking about it. I just got my Eros in the mail yesterday, and it was amazing! So much fun. I bought the Flesh jack, some cleaner, and a shower mount. After buying it all, I found out they had a deal of spend $125 and get a random sleeve for free. I had spent just shy of $3 of that. After some emailing, and slight threatening of never purchasing from there again, they let me buy something and sent a free sleeve of my choice in with it. Got a case to go with it, as I wouldn't know where to put it with only having one case. I'm very excited to get it now!

Here's the links to the two I have/ will have:



X)~~ x)~~ x)~~

Mdance2 Elefant Imu2 Sheep

I want proof or it didnt happen... Sagrin
I am the angles that hold and surround you

I am the demon you're afraid to meet

You are naughty. Big Grin

Gosh, all that for your lil 3 mins of wanderlust Cat3 lololol

Well good for you bitch! I always admire a bitch who fights for what he wants and if you wanna jack your flesh, with customizability, then more power to ya!

Just don't over do it hun:

You don't wanna have to use a Flashlight to find ya Talli whence ya jacked it off Rofl

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