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Sex Positions

I'm looking for some advice on specific sex positions. I have a friend whom I'm very close to. We decided to become friends with benefits. I'm a woman who wants to be a man so I want to have sex with her by either getting on top of her and rubbing my clit on hers or have her on top of me. Has anyone tried this and if so? Can we both orgasm his way? I'm not talking about scissoring. I'm referring to missionary style sex but since I don't have a dick, is it possible to have girl on girl sex this way? I know I don't have the man parts but I'm very interested in doing this with her. I discussed what I want to do with her. She doesn't think it'll work but she'll let me have a go. She likes oral sex and would prefer that but she wants to satisfy me and even I don't really care for oral sex, I will do it to her to make her happy.

Any advice on missionary style sex that stimulates the clit would be most helpful. Also, we plan on making a whole day out of having sex. It doesn't really take much for her to turn me on but any advice on staying turned on the whole day would be helpful too.

Have you thought about strap-ons?

I can't say I have any experience with clit to clit or full day female sex, but I've tried every position I can imagine and have had sex for a full day before. (As a man, you have a cooldown period after climaxing that makes continueing the act physically impossible).
If a position turns out to be uncomfortable or whatever, just move some limbs around until it works.

No. I'm not interested in strap ons and neither is she. I've dry humped her before and I've rubbed my clit on her leg which feels pretty good. Now I want to know if clit to clit rubbing will feel good too. I'm just gonna do it and see what happens.

I think the proof of the pudding is in the eating @tiredofmyex, so the best you could do is just try it out and see if it works for you. Clitorises come in various shapes and sizes, it would seem, so maybe it would work for some and not for others. It's a very sensitive area, so probably depending on the way you rub together, it might do the trick.
Just thinking that your natural lubrication may also be sufficient but if it isn't, some lubrication might come in handy.

Yeah. I'm equipped with plenty of lub, no issue there. I think it will work. I will post my results once I've done it with her. Thanks!

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