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The word "faggot" and other mean comments
So do you get offended or sad when someone posts that about gays? Or by other mean shit?


Eh Faggots are just a meat product to me lol!

[Image: faggots.jpg]

It isn't the words - it's the way they delivered. At least, that's how the gargoyle sees it.


I once had a chav yell out at me.

"Oi gayboy get a f****in haircut!"

It dawned on me then that the UK doesn't really have any real homophobic insults.

I guess it depends where you are in the UK I guess.

Bum Boy
Fudge packer

We have a few sadly.

Ah Matthew Lush, love watching him. And it really depends on the context, context is what gives words real meaning. I have a friend, who is also Jewish, who has called me his main kike. In context I know he's joking and not trying to put me or the Jews down. If a stranger on the street cuts me off and says "you kike, why don't you get back in the oven?" that's clearly a bigot taking a dig. Even then, it takes an awful lot for me to be offended by such disparaging words, they tend to be used by ignorant people who can't think of anything else to say.

faggot, queer, poofter, fudge packer, pillow biter, back door bitch, whatever!!!

Words only hurt if you let them. Take ownership of them and they will never offend you. Use them prolifically and all the haters will have no ammunition.

Boaxy Wrote:No. People are allowed to have their opinions.

I actually find some of it funny. I'm a grown ass man and if I decide to start a youtube channel this is what you sign up for right?

I am a nigger faggot yes, this is known fact. But will you still watch my videos at least and see what I have to say?

I might. Smile

I don't get offended. I just switch of really. You can't reason with stupidity after all Smile

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