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A memory or a dream ?
Every time I think of you, I remember the fond feelings I had being around you... I do remember missing the school bus on purpose and walking home together. I remember having Pokémon battles; you had Platinum and I had Pearl. I remember once vising your house and grandmother. It was where you gave me a chewed-up DS stylus, which I treasured. I remember your callous hands and how you would put glue on them and peel the skin later. I remember that you were generally goofy, odd, and kinda raunchy. But I can't remember our exact conversations and when we truly first met. And I do not understand why we became friends in the first place. We were undoubtedly different from each other. Maybe it was because we were social outcasts. Nonetheless, looking back, I failed you as a friend. Somewhere down the line when I was able to get more friends, I abandoned you; it was also partly because I wanted to deny/avoid my feelings for you. If I can only say one thing to you, it would be "I'm sorry." And how much longer until false memories unconsciously fill the gaps in my mind? How long until a memory becomes a faded, vague dream? And the only thing left remembered is your name, face, and the residual feelings attached to you.

Prompt Questions:
So have you ever questioned the accuracy of a memory? Have you wished to see an old friend before, but was too scared to do it? Or maybe you have confronted this person. If so, how was the encounter?

I was trying to think of someone other than the piece of shit that led me to this forum, and I can. My former college roommate and I had a disagreement about housing arrangements in my senior year. Neither of us handled it well and just sort of abandoned each other. One day I decided to just message him, granted my message was laced with quite a bit of sadness because of where I was in my life, but it worked out. We're not like we used to be, but we're still fairly good friends. If it's possible, just reach out and contact him.

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