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The stereotypicals
I don't "run" with anyone! I'm my own person!
Yeah I lumped them all together, because like, REALLY!
You see me and only think "eye catching is that prop of dagger a carry off my side!
I'm just sayin'. I'm not lumped together in that stereotypical "HA-HA!"

I had some sons of bitches tell me in the past that "going to pride" quote: "makes you unworthy of being gay". W-T-F!? I'm gonna blow.
Call me Inferno.
I can't post my own design meme for this situation, I'm angry! It's whateva.

Dagger Wrote:But there IS a problem area.

I'm constantly forced to need to change myself to fit in with y'all! LIKE!
No, no, I'm a Dagger, a Jambiya, a curved, thick, double edged blade.

(Hey... that's a good headline).

Tsk, always thinkin' about sex! Rolleyes

Take a step back. Realise you have a very skewed view on homosexuals.

Some people are stereotypical for want of a better word. So what? Live and let live.

I don't not "run" with anyone. I'm my own person! Big Grin
My view on myself isn't skewed or even crooked.
That's what it feels like I must be doing to fit in. and that just isn't me.

Dagger, may your Jambiya be handled with rhino horn and ever powerful!
I bid NO Trump!

Jambiyas don't look like horns.
Speaking of these stereotypes.
Ever heard of a Lace shorts?

Look at my avatar for this....

I hate the opinions of others that for some reason seem to control my life or at least they seem to think so.

Dagger Wrote:I am so sick of theses stereotypical sons of bitches!
Like, really, tho! Why can't I just be myself without them pokin' that nose into this business!?
You've given us no context for your rant. If there's a story there, why not tell it?

But regardless, one of the truths of life I've learned is you can't change other people. We do well to change ourselves. So far as I can tell from what you've said, you're feeling put upon by others to be something you're not. I get it. That's annoying as fuck. You want to just be yourself, be accepted as yourself, and not change to 'fit in' with someone else's idea of what you 'ought' to be. Good for you. Your frustration is understandable. But at some point, you just have to let it go. As someone else said, it's really their problem, their issue, not yours. Just tell them so and be done with it. More important, fully embrace and accept that you are, indeed, just yourself and owe no one an explanation for who or what you are. Practice makes perfect and, indeed there is a 'far bigger country to rule'.

You're absolutely right! I'mma let it go! Like my hand off the leash on March 17 of 2011!
Good advice, MikeW! That's what I'm talking about! :veryhappy:

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