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Hey Guys!!?
Hey Guys!!

Hows it going? I haven't been online for a while as my computer died and didn't have the money straight away to fix the problem (Well I upgraded to a beast of a gaming rig lol).

I also didnt feel I was contributing to anything towards the forum and was posting quite depressing things the last time I was on.
I'm in a strange part of my life where I find myself bored and lonely with my life and cant see away around it. My disability is slowly getting worse and the more it gets worse the more people want to do less with me. Problem is the more people don't do anything with me the quicker my condition will get worse.

But anyway I also got myself a crappy job with a supermarket three days a week which is quite good, well in terms Im meeting new people.

I just feel lost with my life at the moment and cant see away out of it.

Hi Artyboy, sorry to hear that you've not been feeling so well. Good to hear that the computer problem is now resolved. It's good that you have found a job too, like you said, being around others will have a good benefit. If you feel that you need to vent your frustrations etc, it's good to do this! Hope things start to look up soon.

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