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How's it going amazing people?!
I'm completely new here and very excited to see how it is. I have tried being on other sites like this one, but it always lacked activity, so now I'm trying this site, which also catches my interest way more.

A bit about me:
As it is now, I want to become a psycologist, since I find everything about brains fascinating, mostly humans brains, but animals are quit interesting too Smile

I got a strong personality, my zodiac is Scorpio, which means leadership, bravery, darkness and loyalty comes natural to me. I believe in angels and death doesn't scare me.
However I do fear toilets...

I love mythical creatures, mostly dragons and draw them as my main thing.

From what I know of, my sexuality is Pansexual, but to be honest I'm not sure. I can find both men, women and everything in between attractive.

My favourite game is Left 4 Dead 2, a zombie game about survival and teamwork. I normally play it every day, but my computer with the game on is broken Cry

I'm looking forward to my time on GaySpeaker, and would love to learn about you guys!
My purpose of coming here is mostly for advice, but I like getting new friends too!

Hi welcome to GS Smile I am also a Scorpio and we do show loyalty. Hope you enjoy it here, it's a great place to be.
An eye for an eye

The fun thing is that I'm born in Sagittarius' time, but for some reason there exist something called "true scorpio", which people born 21-29. november can become, so i am scorpio. Also because Sagittarius doesn't fit my personality very much compared to Scorpio.
But good to meet other scorpio people Smile

Welcome, hope you can find what you are looking for here Smile

Welcome. I'm interested in psychology and neuroscience too!! I agree that human brain is amazing with great potential.

welcome to the forum!
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!

Welcome to the forum Smile

Hi young newbie welcome to GS, have a good time!
I understand your fear of toilets, toilets are smelly Shakin

Hello, welcome to the forum Welcome
<<<<I'm just consciousness having a human experience>>>>

Hello, and Welcome young [MENTION=24515]Senpaija[/MENTION]. Do you speak Danish then?

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