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Am I crazy?
I knew this guy about a year ago. We chatted for a couple months and then met up in person. We hit it off really well... went out for dinner, watched a movie, and wound up sleeping together... he spent the night at my place. The next day, I left for Russia on vacation for a couple weeks. We texted basically the whole time I was out there and he told me that he had never felt this way about another guy before. We hung out a few more times after I got home. Everything seemed like it was going well. But he suddenly got very quiet.

He had told me when we were first getting to know each other that he used to be engaged to a woman and that his parents did not know about him, and he was really worried what his dad and brother would think. It just happened that his becoming quiet coincided with a family reunion. I think he is still in touch with his ex-fiancée based on their interaction on Facebook, but as it stands right now, he is still single. I do not know if he is out to his family yet.

In the following weeks, we eventually lost touch and I took a temporary job out of state, so there was no way we could hang out (I have since moved home). I'm rather avoidant, so I shied away as soon as I felt like he was no longer interested. We are still friends on Facebook and Snapchat and whatnot, but I haven't talked to him in almost a year. I know that he is still "stalking" my Facebook profile from time to time because of likes and stuff. But I don't know if I should get back in touch with him.

First off, what do you say to someone that you got so close to but whom you haven't talked to in so long? Is it even a good idea to try and talk to someone who likely has all these closet issues? Is the fact that he stopped talking to me indicative that he is no longer interested and I was just a passing interest? I just have no idea how to approach this. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks. Smile

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