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Zodiac signs
Have you ever read about your own zodiac sign? Do you agree with the zodiac sign about personality?

Read about zodiac signs here:

Please let me hear what you think, I'm very interested in zodiac signs, so all answers are appreciated!

Yup Taurus. I find the description is rather accurate. However, I also know many factors shape who we are. Not all the Taurus are the same.

I am pretty Capricorn-ish. Bossy, stubborn, control freak. Yep.

About 90% true.

I am a Scorpion and mine is about 90% right, it does say that scorpions are stubborn which I can be.
An eye for an eye

I'm a Sagittarius, and some of it is true like being very curious and loving the outdoors and travel. However, I have to give thumbs down when they say that my best match is Gemini. My ex was a Gemini, and we all know how THAT turned out :frown:

I'm a Sagittarius and born in the Chinese year of the horse.

A friend of a friend told me about difficult times for Sagittarius for two years up until this December. Linked to the alignment of Saturn. She mentioned a lot of turmoil and physically and mentally that has been the case, the last year and half have been very difficult, but ultimately transformative for me. So in this case I feel that there is something to it. I'm a rationalist on one hand, but I love the idea of signs, symbols, and interpretive meaning on the other.

Astrology is a total bullshit. It might be funny (not for me) but there isn't a single scientific or realistic fact about the influence of stars and planets on our life, personality, future etc.

Who knows. I guess it is as good as any method for explaining things at random. I often see things that jibe in horoscopes, but I think they are written that way so that everyone finds something positive. I could do worse than to get a little boost that way. So could we all.
I bid NO Trump!

The zodiac signs can never be completely correct, as most people say, 10% is missing, and the 10% is what makes us unpredictible.

Planets and stars do not resemble personalities, everything within the zodiac star is named and based of changes that happens in real life. In reality, planets and stars are just symbols of every aspect within different personalities.

Venus for example is a symbol for beauty, physical touch and is mostly feminine. It is simply a shorter and better way. Smile

But I respect people who don't like it, as long as they know why they dom't like it.

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