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Harry Potter
This Is A Poll To Find Out Who You All Think Is The Best Looking Male Actor.

Draco for me - so sexy in his evil Smile

Is Ron the redhead? he takes my vote!!

spotysocks Wrote:Is Ron the redhead? he takes my vote!!

Yes Ron Is The Red / Ginger head. He Is Cute, Though Draco Is Evil :eek:

Yeah, have you seen the pictures of Potter and Draco being very sweet to each other? Roflmao

Now i remembered who Victor was but i cant change my vote now ....

eww Pukeface i can't believe people actually voted for malfoy, everyone on that list is ok except for malfoy but whatever floats your boat i guess... i voted for viktor, but i couldn't really decide

Ithink Victor is best looking , i don't remember his name now.He also took a role in hostel 2 and he was better there.

MMmmmmmmMMmmM!!!! Victor gets my vote. Lol!Xyxthumbs

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