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One Time Posters
[MENTION=1766]princealbertofb[/MENTION] No, of course porn isn't the key to every problem. Those shiny things are a great distraction too Elkgrin

Cuddly Wrote:My theory is that the post has been held back for approval and they never even saw the replies... or the post itself.

that's a valid point I never even thought of.

and their profile, I'm assuming they can set it to not send alerts to replies, so if they did that, they wouldn't get an email letting them know they got any.
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!

I do take the cynical view that many people just want their question answered and then move on. I'll admit, I was almost one of those people but just browsing the threads and listening to others is really enjoyable.

Cridders88 Wrote:...I reckon a fair few people never stick around for the silly amount of time it takes for their thread to appear, so they probably aren't seeing their threads or responses. ...
Yes but if each of us would get in the habit of QUOTING the OP to which we are replying (or at least some part of it as I have done above... it just means taking out most of the stuff between the [ QUOTE ] .... [ /QUOTE ] BB tags), then the system will automatically EMAIL the reply TO that poster. This assumes, of course, they haven't changed some setting in their profile that stops that from happening. This way, the person doesn't HAVE to come back to the forum to see the replies. But, very likely, if they do see they are getting replies, they WILL come back to look at the thread.

ONE POST WONDERS (we are left wondering) are typical in forums of this kind. In a moment someone who is lurking will ask a question or introduce themselves... and then their life moves on. They lose interest or don't have the time to engage. Not really a lot can be done about it.

Sometimes I deliberately ASK the person to not just disappear. Sometimes that works but often not.

Matt608 Wrote:[MENTION=1766]princealbertofb[/MENTION] No, of course porn isn't the key to every problem. Those shiny things are a great distraction too Elkgrin

Especially distracting when one of the porn actors is wearing a shiny cock ring.

Every forum has 'one post wonder' users. It's boring to answer to them, but go on.

When I first signed up I answered and engaged a few posts and then turned off the computer for the night. 9 or so months later I was bored and discovered I had this Gayspeak thing saved in my browser.

And.... well here I are at 15k posts and just returning from a year "holiday". So from my own experiences life takes over and one forgets things like forums.

I think people seek out for help and connection at several forums and end up following one, or just reading up and committing suicide or something. They find their peace of sorts.

You are of course focusing on the "panic" posts, people seeking a fast solution who, most likely have posted all over the place.

I have actually traced a few posters, by copy and pasting a paragraph of their post in google. I have discovered that they have copied and pasted their "issue" at other forums, or have written a pretty close match.

I guess they have their reason. Took me awhile to actually post something at first.

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