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Why I like Butters (from South Park)
I like Butters from South Park, because I like his attitude about things.

In particular with him being 'bi-curious', how accepting and proud he is to have this trait.

I'm not really able to watch / properly appreciate South Park without the aid of mary jane (which, sadly, I no longer smoke), but I agree with you about Butters.

I hated his character when he first introduced but now I like him when I see him in clips on youtube and the like. I have several seasons on DVD but I haven't watched them yet...

He's unassuming, he doesn't impose his values on others, he takes responsibility for his actions, he continually tries to improve himself, he's loyal to his friends even as they don't reciprocate, and no matter what happens, he always picks himself up, dusts himself off, and gets back to life.

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