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I stopped drinking....
Massive amounts of alcohol. Since moving to the Valley o'Death (ABQ New Mexico) I only got myself a couple of bottles and had a single person party... that was after learning just how bad my back was and is getting worse.

I have actually only had the need to drink that one time. I can want a drink and stop at one or two... servings, not bottles or kegs or gallons....

I'm not fishing for compliments or applause. I put it out here because reading through some of my older posts, the latter California ones, I note I was sloshing around a lot. And this got me to thinking that there is research that reveals a substantially higher percentage of LGBT are addicted to substances (alcohol and drugs).

I just wanted to throw it out there that yeah, in truth one can go from needing a chemical fix to just wanting one. In case any of you are struggling with a dependency issue.

I'm glad for you, hope you'll continue improving yourself.

Bowyn Aerrow Wrote:I'm not fishing for compliments.

Well you're getting one anyway Smile

Kudos man that's an impressive feat of willpower. To maintain such a strong commitment to self-improvement in the
face of your trials.

That's awesome, man. Alcohol is rough on the body, and you have enough going on in that area.

Gid requested I stop drinking ages ago, which I did, because he was right that I was drinking for the wrong reasons. More recently (the last few years) I've also stopped smoking green. Primarily because it was damaging my progress in getting my depression under control.

I've seen fellas struggle with booze all to often.
1 guy has lost everything... job, home, wife, driving licence and he still refuses to see he has a problem.

So for you to see this, to work your way through it... well done mate.
I know how hard it is.

congrats mate to take charge - embarrassing to say but recognizing the problem or just extent is the big breakthrough..
i did a course run by our uk nhs for alcohol when it turned out me and all my mates were not drinking normal amounts - i made a change but they did not want to know , ive cut down massively
best advice i ever got was do not buy multipacks , or big bottles of spirits etc because they are on offer - the supermarkets encourage you to buy more - and if you have it you will drink it.
Keep going mate - the longer you stay clean the less alcohol you need anyway to get the same results ...you will cut down naturally as you cant take anymore

You're doing your kidneys a great favour, I'm sure [MENTION=12444]Bowyn Aerrow[/MENTION]. Good for you.

As a recovering alcoholic I am pleased that your stopped drinking. Alcohol is a hard addiction to stop and with out the support of my family, friends and my ex partner I wouldn't be here now clean and sober.
An eye for an eye

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