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Victim (How a Film Changed The Law To Decriminalise)
In this clever audio play around the making of 1961's film Victim by Basil Dearden with Dirk Bogarde, we hear about the difficulties encountered by its author Janet Green and the boldness of the actors and director that brought this film about, even if it was to be rated X by the British Board of Film Censorship.
[Image: p057dzyw.jpg]
You can listent to the play on BBC Radio Three at this address. It lasts about 1h30 minutes.


Thoroughly moving and engaging, and I daresay a little bit emotional too.

The 1961 film came out 6 years before sexual acts between two consenting men of adult age was decriminalised in England and Wales.
[Image: MV5BYzEzZTVjM2QtNWUxMC00YzRkLWJkN2MtNTg5...00_AL_.jpg]


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