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Tiger King
If you haven't seen it you probably have heard about it. In case you haven't seen it bear in mind this thread will likely have spoilers...not that those won't keep you from watching the trainwreck shit show that Tiger King is.

That being said, have you seen it? I'm curious as to what everyone thought about it. 

In summary, they're all terrible people. I do think Carol Baskin killed her husband that went missing, hopefully they can uncover some evidence. There's something about how people lie you can tell. Something is very off with her. Her calling her place a rescuse is bit much considering she allows the public to see these animals and makes money. That being said, the only thing she does that is "better" is that she allegedly doesn't breed these animals. 

At any rate I don't think anyone has any business having a tiger or other big cats. There's good reason why the vast majority of sane people don't have big cats or other wild animals... That's before we get into the fact that tigers are an endangered species and the long long list of everything wrong with what they're doing.

Aside from the train wreck that it is, it was very entertaining.
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