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Been a Few Years - New Introduction
I'm a jewelry designer, nature and landscape photographer, tarot reader, literary RP'er, cancer survivor, garden guru, and a generally balanced and well-rounded guy. I'm a nature enthusiast and I spend a good deal of my free time outside whenever possible.  I love the rain, and usually consider summer to be a slow crawl through hell.

I am quite introverted, and can often come off a bit socially awkward (Myer Briggs INFP). I have a hard time mincing words, which means I often end up being quite blunt, although I -do- usually try to temper that a bit.  

Things I enjoy include hiking, trail running, cycling, swimming, canoeing, and yoga.

I am pansexual, and have been with my partner, Gideon, in a long distance relationship for nearly 12 years. Through my relationship with Gideon, I have an extensive amount of experience in D/s and a decent amount of BDSM knowledge. Our dynamic is not textbook, but I'm happy to answer questions where I can.

I'm very glad to see this place back and I expect Gideon will be hopping back on here by tomorrow sometime as well.

Very glad to see you back Twist. I did not know you made jewelry, a tarot reader, survived cancer...or the BDSM stuff...maybe... It has been a long time. I'd say I'm a fair bit away from BDSM stuff, I can't seem to get guys to do anything. Maybe a coupon for Denny's? No? Red Lobster? ...

Hope to hear from Gideon and the rest of us regular soon. Smile
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Thanks InbetweenDreams!  I'm very glad to be back!  I'm very glad to have the forum back too!  And it's great to see you.   Smile

Love seeing you back, Twist, and so happy that this chat site has been revived. As an “older guy” who did come to terms with his sexuality until late in life, friends like Twist have been invaluable and if not for sites like this I’m not sure what I would have done.

Welcome back! Smile Glad to see you all again! Missed the forum.
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Hey Twist! Nice to see you again!

welcome back!!
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Welcome Back Twist!

I remember both you and Gideon always had some good insights.
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