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Hey all
Hi everyone, 

My name is woolly on this site but some of you may remember me as Kumawool or woollyhats. I left this forum after some disagreements but have spoken to Andy and am going to try it again. For that reason the account is new but I've been around for many years. The reason for coming back is simple: ive never experienced a small tight knit forum quite like it and I have a few friends here. 

About me... I'm 25. I take social work at university and am nearly done my degree. I live in Canada. Yes it's cold, I'm cold right now. We have a colonial history that puts some other countries to shame... But... I like it here. I enjoy video games, tv, reading, writing, music. Right now I'm following doctor who, watching all of Rosanne, and Ru Paul's drag race, and playing king of an indie game called moonlighted. I have a penchant for listening to sound tracks because the lack of lyrics helps me to relax and focus, but I do like Florence and the machine. I'm doing a lot of research into Celtic mythology for a short story I'm writing. Did you know some people are practicing druids as a modern day religion? 

Oh... And I've temporarily lost my job and my school has been closed for covid 19. Bummer. But I get to spend some quality time with my family and that has been priceless.

I'm a bit quiet in real life, I prefer listening to talking. I'm openly gay and have a boyfriend who is pretty awesome. The road to getting where I am has been very long and hard but I'm ready for the good stuff in life now. I like with my family by choice as I'm very close to them, but there are some issues and trauma on my fathers side of the family which I talk about openly as a part of healing 

I really don't know what else to say. I guess I hope everyone is safe and happy with what's going on with covid 19!

I hope I can make new friends here and share experiences Smile

Hello Woolly.

Nice to meet you.


Hey buddy - Sorry to hear about the job loss was that due to Covid as well?

Anyway nice to chat and hopefully our paths will cross again soon !
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Hey man. It's been a few years, people settle and change and hopefully this go round will go much better for you yeah? Smile

Welcome back!

Glad to see you back! Smile
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Welcome back, I missed you. I'm glad to hear you are well and loved by your family. Stay safe

The name Wolly sounds familiar, either way welcome back and quite handsome I must say  Wink

Welcome back Chase!  Smile
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Hello Woolly! Welcome back!
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