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Hey guys...
Been a long time, yeah?

Okay so for those who don't know, I'm Gideon and I have been in a (mostly)long distance, monogamous relationship with Twist the Leaf for..coming up on 12 years now. Twist is not only the love of my life, my partner, my best friend, but also my collared submissive. He is also my tarot mentor as I started learning tarot as well last Fall and am acquiring quite the tarot deck collection, though it pales horribly in comparison to Twist's collection *Chuckles*

Normally I state that I am bisexual on these things, but let's face it, I've been with Twist and only Twist for 12 years and I've honestly lost any attraction I might have had to the fairer sex so let's just say I'm Twist-sexual *Grins*

There -is- however, a new love in my life....as I am sure you will hear mentioned more than a few times along the way, Georgie is my 100+ pound Bernese Mountain Dog/Great Pyrenees puppy. She is about a year and a half now and spoiled absolutely rotten. She also likes to come and say "hello" while I'm typing so I'm sure you will all hear from her from time to time as well when my typing goes to shit *Chuckles*

Okay I guess that's the important stuff. Welcome back, everyone. I hope you are all staying safe Heart
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Hey Gideon welcome back to the forums!

Glad things seem to be going well for you and the dog sounds lush!

See you around here Smile
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I learn to love it more and more.

I love you.

Welcome back! Good to see you! Big Grin
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Welcome back Gideon! Smile
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