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What Do You Collect?
Ok,  does anyone have any collections they like to show off?

Memorabilia from a favorite TV show or movie?

Prints of any kind?

Magnets from travels?

Books from a specific author?

Figurines of animals?

Show off what you have!

When I was a kid, my favorite cartoon was The Super Friends.  There wasn't a lot of memorabilia out at the time for this show, which aired from 1973 through 1986.  However, over the years, on anniversaries of the debut of the cartoon, items were released.  

Of course, by then I had a disposable income, so I began collecting!

For those who don't know, The Super Friends  was a "kid friendly" version of the Justice League of America.  Each week, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin & Aquaman battled wrong-doers with as little violence as possible.  (after all, it was 1973, cartoons were supposed to be safe).

Over the years the name of the cartoon changed, but the 5 main heroes remained, with a slew of others joining in the action.

The Super Friends,  The All New Super Friends, Challenge of the Super Friends, The World's Greatest Super Friends,  Super Friends,  Super Friends - Legendary Super Powers Show, and finally, Super Powers Team - Galactic Guardians.

This was the line-up that started it all, the 5 main heroes with their kid sidekicks, Wendy, Marvin & their pet Wonder Dog.  They were like Scooby-Doo rip-offs, with no powers, who somehow were able to hang out with the Super Friends.

[Image: 49855352623_b70fb2c6f8_c.jpg]

That poster above hangs on my bedroom wall.   I only have one bedroom in my apartment.  My hope is to one day have a townhouse, and I will use a spare room in that house as a "memorabilia room" for all my stuff.

Anyway, on to the next pic.

These are a collection of Super Friends pictures or model cels that were used in the making of the cartoon.

[Image: 49856195397_57c1b5af17_b.jpg]

Starting from the top down:   Superman, the center pic is a framed pillowcase, and then Wonder Woman.  The next row down is Batman & Robin.  Below them is Aquaman & the Wonder Twins (Zan & Jayna - they are shape shifters).  Below them is Hawkwoman and Hawkman (they can fly, and are strong hand to hand combatants), below them is Flash (super speed), Atom (can shrink to microscopic size), Rima the Jungle Girl (expert tracking, can communicate with animals), Green Lantern (power ring that responds to his will power) and the bottom row is Black Vulcan (electrical powers), Samurai (wind powers, fire powers, invisibility), Apache Chief (can grow to 50 ft. tall) and El Dorado (teleportation and hologram projection)

Side note on that last row.   The majority of the main heroes were white, so other characters were introduced to make the cartoon more diverse.  The Wonder Twins were aliens from a planet called Exor, but they were given a darker complexion.  Rima is from South America.  The last row of heroes were invented for the cartoon, and they did make the cartoon more diverse.  However, rather than name them after their powers, they were named after their ethnicity, so it was a bit of a fail.

Super Friends mini lunchbox,  Wonder Twins action figures, and a Justice League glass that changes colors when filed with liquid.

Beneath them are four statues, Robin, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.  I left space on the shelf for the last one, Aquaman.

[Image: 49855891346_50dd325899_c.jpg]

along the back of the shelf are 5 books. Three of them are TPBs that collect a number of comic book stories on The Super Friends. The other two are "companion" books that discuss the history of the cartoons, the comic books, and various trivia about the Super Friends in general.

On the bottom of the shelf are a box of post cards, playing cards, cigarette case and lighter (these are not licensed, official items, they were made by a fan), a journal, and a greeting card set.

[Image: 49855352563_9e8c6bfdf2_h.jpg]

Two Super Friends card games,  miniature Wonder Twins figures, Wonder Twins Funko Pops, and a stationary set.

[Image: 49855891261_f25a9785bb_b.jpg]

Super Friends action figures.

[Image: 49855352583_78985d0fab_b.jpg]

Super Friends dolls.

[Image: 49856195292_537c8d4e06_h.jpg]

The enemies of the Super Friends, the Legion of Doom dolls.

[Image: 49856195357_a27e517a81_h.jpg]

A carrying case for the above dolls.

[Image: 49855891246_cd7dbe5d91_b.jpg]

My Super Friends DVDs

[Image: 94100742_10158021167837348_5940499035239...e=5ED557FD]

Bedsheet set

[Image: 94688223_10158021173897348_2033590177691...e=5ED7B957]

and finally, a bed cover and a sleeping bag.

[Image: 94478418_10158021178382348_1969355398431...e=5ED5B238]

[Image: 95107254_10158021183797348_1511741102787...e=5ED5E5F1]

Whew! That took longer than I thought!
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!
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Hmmm.....Not sure why two of the pics disappeared.    I can't edit the post at this point, so I'm replacing the missing pics.  The bed sheet set, and the bed cover.

Also, my Aquaman statue that was missing from the pic above arrived yesterday, so here's a new pic with him included.

[Image: 49950386882_5c049afc94_h.jpg]

[Image: 49949594763_4470d4a93a_c.jpg]

[Image: 49950386837_37ef7a307e_b.jpg]
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!
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I used to collect vinyl records of all sorts....I still have some but long story short I sold off most of them a few years ago. All that is left are some 78's, some 45's and a few LP's most are ones that nobody would want, either not in good condition or just stuff that isn't in style. It's fun, but like a lot of hobbies, particularly ones I enjoy you can spend yourself into a big hole. I would like to get back into it someday but with albums costing upwards of $40+ and styli costing $100+ and so on...I'm not sure. I'll have to look and see what photos I have of what had.
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Where do I start!! Well, as my username states i am a car nut! As a kid I collected and built model cars and built up a sizable collection. I even started entering model car contest in the late 70's to mid 80's and walked away with many trophies for my custom painted multi colored low rider models. Hot wheels and Matchbox.....we will just leave it at that! As I got older I developed an interest on anything Titanic way before the movie! Have a few nice little items from that period. Now that I am older I have become sort of a model train nerd and have a nice collection of items that interest me. My best friend of over 30 years introduced me to a great group of railroad modelers and make time once a week to get together as a group now through Zoom but it is still a lot of fun. There is even another married gay couple in this group and everyone is very accepting and open minded. I have sold off a large portion of my model cars as I will never have time to build them all as I build and restore real cars. And most of my Hot Wheels are going up for sale to fund well.....life and other interest. My partner and I also collect action figures as well with my interest being in the Marvel universe and his is mostly figures from his early years from TV cartoons such as the ones Chuck talked about above.
There has to be other members here that have collections as well!! Let's talk about them! There is no such thing as an odd collection. Well....I guess there could be but.........
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@CellarDweller That is a truly impressive collection! Makes my 500+ DC comics from my 1960s childhood look feeble. I haven't seen them for a few years. I have stuff locked away in storage units and in boxes in barns on two farms about ten miles away.

My downfall is musical instruments. If only I didn't play percussion. My boat truly isn't big enough ... nor is one storage unit.
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The only things I've ever really collected were Star Wars figures and Matchbox cars when I was a kid.
As far as I know they are all still in boxes up the attic at my parents house, although probably not all in the best condition.

I did start a collection of books from The Folio Society but I put a stop to that a while ago, as I just didn't have the room. Yes, they look really nice on a bookshelf, but they weigh a ton when boxed up, and moving them nearly killed me the last time I moved house  Big Grin
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I'm enjoying reading about what everyone collects! I hope to see more posts here telling us what you collect.
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!

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