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Hi Everyone. This is Jay.
Hi everyone,

I just would like to say hello. It's great to have GS back.

I was with GS for a few years then went missing in action. Had to solve many personal issues especially in self esteem department. Took few years off to do a reflection and resurfaced with new confidence and basically, new life in a whole.

A lot of things have happened in my life after I left GS.


I left my job as a designer in a gov agency and accepted an offer to be a design & production officer in an international humanitarian organisation. Basically what I do is I take care of the design and branding of the organisation in Asia Pacific region. I've been working with them for 2 years+

Spanish School

Spanish video - 01

Spanish video - 02

I've gone back to school since 2018. I study part time (Night class). I'm taking Spanish language - writing and communicating. My teacher, Mr Manel is from Spain. He a full time teacher in an international school and teaches part time in language school.

So anyway I work from 9am to 5pm and I go to school at 7pm to 10pm. It's tiring but loving it.

Baking School


This is something that I did not expect. Long story short, I baked brownies for a potluck and everyone praised my brownies. My mother tasted it. She encouraged me to attend a baking or a culinary school so that I can open my own bakery in the future. So I baked like crazy ever since - a lot of cakes and cookies. I sold my cakes and cookies to my colleagues in the office. All sold out in a few minutes. 

I'm attending a baking class to elevate my knowledge and skills in baking. My baking class is on the weekend.



Probably some of you guys know about my morbid obese history, so yeah. There's no way else to go but forward. So last year, I participated in Spartan Race (Open Sprint - 5km with 23 military obstacles). I participated alone.

A guy vomited then he had a leg cramp. Few others had injuries and terribly dehydrated. I nearly drowned in a lake because I miscalculated my breathing. That was the only mishap I had. I also had to confront my fear of heights. I had to climb many obstacles and walls. One of them was this 8ft wall. I took a deep breath and climbed it. Going down was scary but I did it.

As a once upon morbid obese man who wasn't able to walk more than 5 minutes per time, completing Spartan Race is surreal. I'm very proud of myself.

I also participated in other sports events but Spartan Race is my peak. I originally wanted to retire from marathon and stuff after I did Spartan Race but Covid-19 pandemic gives me a new reason not to. I most likely will return to marathon and stuff after Covid-19 dies down.


Dancing 01

Dancing 02

Well I dance a lot. That's a start. 

I competed in a freestyle dance tourney in 2018. It was not a proper competition but more like a friendly tournament. It was my first dancing tourney and I placed fifth out of 15 dancers. 

Just let to you guys know, one of my dreams was to be a dance choreographer. It didn't happen but I still do choreograph my own dance.

Charity Work

I'm not a rich guy but I have a comfortable life. Therefore I believe in giving back in helping others. My contribution is not big but I believe that nothing is too small.

For a start, I have my own personal charity fund. It is not affiliated to the humanitarian organisation that I'm working with right now. Every year, I would save money until it reaches a specific amount and then I either donate it as a whole or go to a supermarket to buy groceries for an orphan house. This year, I have extra reason to do so (Covid-19 pandemic).

Secondly, I have adopted a bird (A Lovebird) from an adoption program organised by an animal sanctuary. I'm planning to adopt a tarantula or a corn snake next month. Although I''m interested with anaconda as well.

Thirdly, I don't use food riders like Uber Eats or Grab Food often but when I do, I would give them a small amount of pocket money.

I think this is a good time to look back and to give back. It's not just about contributing financially but also to give moral support and to spread kindness to people around us like our family and neighbours. Realistically, this pandemic will take a long time to recover. Therefore I believe in filling out this road to recovery with compassion, kindness and humanity.

Personal Life

I'm still single. As I told my friends, I'm on the fence. I'm comfortable being single and chasing my dreams but I do not reject any possibility of finding someone. 

I did meet a guy in 2018. He approached me in the gym. Very nice guy. We went out for a date. But he confessed that he has feelings for an old friend of his. I decided to step back; not wanting to be a third wheel. I encouraged him to make a move on the other guy.

Long story short, he left my gym on the same year. We stopped contacting each other.

A month ago, I found him back. He has a girlfriend and has completely removed his history as a gay guy. I would like to think he is bisexual but he told me that he is straight. I'm like, okay.

Then I found out the reason why. I do not follow local music industry. Apparently he is now a vocalist for a well known musical band. They were featured in local TV networks several times. I guess he hides his past because of this. We live in an Islamic country so, yep.

Anyway I'm doing great. I've grown up a lot since 2016. I'm independent and no longer seek for validation from anyone else. 

I guess that's all from me. Thanks for reading.
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@Jay Welcome back! Good the hear that you're doing well. Not sure I could do the 8ft wall, I'm happy on the ground lol
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Welcome back Jay! Glad to hear things are going well for you. It's good that you feel comfortable in your own skin now. I remember your journey from before, it is inspiring. Hope to see you around Smile
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Welcome back Smile
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Wow, wow, wow, wow. It is very impressive what you achieved for yourself in the last couple of years. Welcome back.

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Welcome back @Jay  Xyxwave it's good to see you again.

You've been busy, that's for sure! I wish I had half your motivation and energy! I remember what you've been through too. Like @Cridders88 says, you are an inspiration. It's great that you're enjoying life again and keeping so active!
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Welcome back @Jay Smile

Wow, you've been busy Smile

Good job Smile
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I'm exhausted just reading your message!
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Welcome back!!!
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