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Jim Parsons feared talking about his sexuality would cause trouble for TBBT
[Image: jim-col1_770.jpeg?paTeQUZBdziUeOw.1sa3QtHtf5FfANyt]

The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons kept quiet about his sexuality out of fear he would 'cause trouble' for the show.  Jim has been married to TV producer Todd Spiewak since 2017 and they were been together for 14 years before that.

The 47yo became a household name when he starred as Sheldon Cooper from 2007 to 2019 but during the early days of the comedy sitcom he was fearful to make his relationship public knowledge.

‘I was 33 when I started doing The Big Bang Theory [in 2007], and things started to become much higher-profile very quickly. So I wasn’t some spring chicken,’ he told Hollywood Reporter.

‘But I hadn’t grown up even close to the era we are in now, as far as what it meant to tell somebody you were gay. I think it’s undeniably different than it was 20 years ago.’

‘I was scared,’ he continued. ‘I wasn’t scared about losing my job. And I wasn’t scared to the point of denying my sexuality. But I was scared enough to make it my mission not to talk about it.

[Image: jim-parsons-todd-spiewak-image.png]
Jim has been married to Todd Spiewak since 2017

‘I was scared enough to be nervous the first time I was even nominated for the Emmy. And I was scared that it might cause trouble, quote unquote, for our big television show.’

His first major role after The Big Bang Theory couldn’t have been a further cry than Sheldon Cooper.  Starring in Ryan Murphy’s scandalous Hollywood, the star played real-life sinister celebrity agent Henry Willson, notorious in showbiz for promising his male clients the world in exchange for sexual favours.
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He's 47?! I'm jealous AF. I had no idea about his age.

I think a lot of us choose to be quiet. Like I don't really talk about it, to anyone. Yeah my family knows but I really don't discuss things like who I'm dating or whatnot. Same with work. A few people know and I suppose others have found out but I don't talk to people about it. Everyone says they support you and working at a school you do work with people who are more open minded but I know there's a lot of people who are bigots and a lot of people who will say all nice things to your face and work hard to try getting you fired or wrote up about something trivial.
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I didn't know that was his age either! LOL
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!

I remember when he came out, that it was such a non-event in the mainstream media, that it was a news story by itself.

Being gay is not for Sissies.

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