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So now - four years later
We all had our opinions four years ago - interesting to look back and see how correct we were or weren't


I have to say re-reading my comments then that I wouldn't change a thing really. 

I think I correctly assessed the man and the situation. 

Assuming you commented or even if you didn't - do you still think what you concluded was correct? - or have you changed your mind?

The thing that has changed for me - I wouldn't spend much time or maybe none at all trying to convince people who like him to see who he is because what I now realize there is no point. It is a complete waste of time and frankly I have concluded that they know who he is and that is why they support him and he probably speaks for them so just let it be.
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Well I think MikeW was spot on with the Frank Zappa quotes, Frank was way ahead of this time..

[Image: b136544c9cbf5e8837b7569c8d011ba3.jpg]

Well I was right about Trump being racist...I didn't read through the entire thread but yeah things got heated.

@eastofeden I think people, the public rather, are more difficult to reach. Not sure if that is because of Trump or because we just have less and less people who are either unwilling or unable to think critically. I've witnessed my parents simply parrot what they hear on TV and don't think on the subject any deeper. Believe me the broadcasters and the powers that be know that. Just a shame. I do think that perhaps Trump's presidency has brought a lot of things to light, it has exposed many things wring with this county and its society and has perhaps got some people to think more about their views when it comes to politics and policy.
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I've just decided to go through some of the posts in that thread, here is one I just came across, and given recent headlines......*shakes head*

I can't quote from that thread, so - originally posted by cuddly.

Quote:I just don't understand how Trump got so far . . . Honestly, if Trump can do this much damage to US politics, then I see no reason why Kanye West can't succeed at becoming the next president.

Not saying I'd like Kanye for president, but he seems a more realistic candidate than Trump.
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