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Space Aliens Will Destroy Us All
If you factor in the unfathomably huge size (and expanding) of the universe and it's age... Yes I do think life must exist elsewhere and probably more abundant than we might thing but even if life is pretty common the distances between worlds is still incredibly huge. Dealing with the distances to travel is a larger hurdle than we imagine. We often always use gravity from other planets to get our spacecraft to speed. So other races would have to figure out how to get enough energy storage to get their spacecraft up to speed (and down)....going from 0 to light speed at will is a huge accomplishment. It would be a huge deal if we humans were able to accomplish light speed travel but it's a whole new level when you can just do it whenever you want.

So, there is no doubt in my mind that if there are other species out there capable of space travel (beyond their moon...lol) they're going to be very advanced. So no, I don't think we would be seen as a threat unless we were onto some sort of major discovery and we're seen as a savage race...

[Image: CkzhipVUkAExKfr.jpg]

It is perhaps selfish we humans only think of ourselves as the only thing worth studying on Earth. There are as @"Alakazam" says many unique life on this planet that more than likely do not exist on other worlds. I would lean to think that there might be some similarities, that is going with the assumption that life happens on other planets like Earth. I have heard the theories about Silicon based life but one of the problems I recall was that Silicon doesn't hold bonds as strong as Carbon...then again what do we really know.

More than likely, it is that we have not found them and they have not found us. It is something like looking for a particular grain of sand somewhere on this planet and you don't know where exactly to look, although I suppose there might be clues where not too look, but still, the universe is mind boggling huge.

Entertaining the thought that there would be an organized union of species, something like the Federation in Star Trek does sound appealing...not sure what one would actually look like.

Our tech? I think it would be more akin to two cups and a string, or an abacus Tongue
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I find your misanthropy adorable boo <3.

I any case, all we can have on the subject at the moment are maybes.

We do not have any information what so ever to make any kind of statement. The existence of other life forms in this vast vast universe is likely, yes. After this, however, we don't have anything. We have no way of knowing when they started, where they are, what kind of tech they may or may not have, how they behave, how will they consider us if they find us, etc.

Considering we can't reach much of anything within our vicinity, can they? If they can, they haven't bothered to visit so far, or they haven't found us. If they do, then they certainly have better technology, but then...what can we predict about their behavior without actually meeting them? Will they be conquering, murderous, studious, intrigued?

So so many things we just don't know and can't know for sure.

In any case I find it more likely that we go from extant to extinct without ever knowing the answers.
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Nope, we know nothing. We can only speculate, which is fun. There's a lot to consider. I think we draw our thoughts as to what an alien race might do or not do and want to do based on what we know about ourselves. Perhaps these aliens we expect to visit might not be interested in space travel. Also, have to keep in mind that the last 100 years has our species made rapid progress in technology and there's theories as to why that was possible. If living conditions are particularly bad, it definitely will thwart technological progress, can even set it back if say something like solar flares or some cosmic event that destroys technology. So, who knows. Our place in the universe is on the mild side, far away from the center of the galaxy, so things like background radiation, cosmic rays and such are lower here than they would be say 10,000 lightyears closer to the center. I'm rambling again.

Any rate, it is impossible, but it is fun, that is why we have debates on this stuff at all.
"I’m not expecting to grow flowers in a desert, but I can live and breathe and see the sun in wintertime"
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Oh I get that. It's just my mind prefers the boringly probable, measurable and logic conclusions.

Speculation is fun though. I mean what about that silicon-based life forms?

I do agree with you that we transfer our own history, behavior and other things onto other imagined species. I find that a bit ridiculous.

Any species so technologically advanced to find us and travel to us would be a cause of concern as in, they could certainly wipe us out if they wanted to. Why would they is beyond me. We would be so laughably unimportant in such a scenario to warrant a mass genocide. Certainly we can't expect to have resources that they can't find closer to their home planet or so I think. So why would they? Unless of course they happen to be nothing more than hell bent on killing for the sake of it. Conquest? Subjugation? Maybe.
[Image: 05onfire1_xp-jumbo-v2.jpg?quality=90&auto=webp]

If we can assume aliens can be bad, then we can also assume there are good aliens, at least "good" in our moral standards. So if there are aliens that would destroy us, there can also be aliens who can guide us to a higher-being.

In fact, I have searched a little bit on this topic and found out many aliens-believers believe that several aliens races already exist on earth (or have interfered earth/human) and are in conflicts on the matter of human beings. Some want to use us, some want to toy us (for entertainment) while others are neutral, or want to help us to advance in some ways.

But like what's been said, we as normal folks can't really do much about it at the moment. I do hope that I could live the day to really see real aliens and maybe the chance to learn other civilizations or even the society in the universe. That would expand our horizon as human much much more.

@seeking I do think it is fair to speculate that the idea of morals, emotions, etc might be very different from us, or one could think so anyway. We could also be the alien as well.

I do hope that we are able to advance as a species and are able to eliminate things like hunger, money and greed...but I got a feeling it will be a long time assuming it is possible.
"I’m not expecting to grow flowers in a desert, but I can live and breathe and see the sun in wintertime"
Check out my stuff!
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[Image: best-aliens-guy-meme.jpg]

I remember seeing a meme about trying to explain to an E.T. about smartphones.  I can't find it now.  I'm paraphrasing, but it went something like this.

With this device, I can find information
from the farthest corners of the world.
I use it to fight with people online
and watch cat videos.
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@Chase That looks like NASA drew a dick on Mars LOL

@CellarDweller I had to laugh at that. Genius is much like stupidity in humanity. Both have no bounds.

come on guys, we dont need them to destroy us all. we got this shit on our own

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