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Plastic Surgery?
I just had a look at my ex now on FB who has had - uh - "alot of work done". It kinda stunned me how truly hideous it looked and I wondered if he sees something else when he looks in the mirror. He was always very concerned about his appearance and the appearance of others (including me) which pretty much ended our relationship which was a blessing. 

Would you ever consider plastic surgery? 

I might if there was an accident or disease that deformed me but no way would I do it due to my age. I am totally OK with getting old. I think of all my friends who died in the 80s and 90s from AIDS still in their 20s and 30s and I think it is a blessing to get old as they never got a chance. I am OK with wrinkles and whatever else happens - wouldn't even bother trying to hide them or cover them up. Getting old is a part of life if you are lucky enough to arrive there -
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If they are happy with how they look after surgery then kudos to them I guess. I must admit sometimes I see surgery that I think has gone too far and it doesn't look good but it is all personal opinion, everyone has different perceptions on what is beautiful. As long as they are happy (but of course sometimes they aren't, but I guess that's another tangent).

I am of the same stance as you @eastofeden, I would consider it only if I was disfigured in an accident or by disease, I can't imagine myself taking to the knife to try and "reverse" the aging process. Maybe my mindset might change as I advance in years, but I think I won't really care about those wrinkles as I get older and just enjoy what I have Smile
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Nope. I'm not one of those people who are terrified of getting old.
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I wouldn't get surgery either. I feel people look their best when they 'age gracefully'.
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The best plastic surgery nobody notices. Not everybody winds up looking like they’re standing in a wind canal. But I’m also in the aging is no problem camp.

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Would you ever consider plastic surgery?

I did consider plastic surgery a few years back in 2011/2012 as my face was heavily criticised then. A lot of people messed up my mind. I was in a hospital bed for a skin removal surgery (body) when a head nurse came to my bed to suggest face reconstruction. She even demonstrated it. Instantly, I told my mother that I'm going to do plastic surgery on the next round. My mother said, "We'll see."

As of now. No. I don't see myself doing plastic surgery on my face. I'm a different man now. I'm confident with high self esteem. And I love my face as it is. Body reconstruction as in skin removal - that's a different story because I haven't completed mine yet (thighs). My surgery was delayed by my hospital since 2013.

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