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Vaccinations in the UK
With the Government trumpeting its success over the number of people vaccinated, there seems to be other groups of people that have been ignored or forgotten. I am referring to the illegal immigrants and to non-EU visitors to the UK.
There are thousands of undocumented illegal immigrants, mostly belonging to the BAME group, who either refuse the vaccine or who are unable to get it as they are not registered with the NHS.

The second group; visitors to the UK who are unable to return to their home countries either because 1: they are unable to get vaccinated (now a pre-requisit for many countries); 2: they not able to register with the NHS, and 3; because there are no flights available to their countries.

In the meantime, both of these groups are vulnerable and, if they have caught COVID-19, are capable of being super spreaders.

Bearing this in mind, it seems that restrictions at present in place, are likely to remain in force for a very long time still.
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