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Time to get out of
The only "logic" for buying after the prices plummet, and I mean prices below what they were over a year ago, is this happened in 2017. I have to admit I bought into the craze. I bought 4 video cards and mined for a while. Due to a few mistakes I made and becoming to alert to the prices I ended up getting out too soon. But that's the way that stuff goes...and goes the saying a "day late and a buck short." The point here is in 2018 the prices crashed and everyone stopped talking about it. In hindsight that is the time to do the mining and the time to throw $20 here and there (presuming you have it to waste).

I think it would be extremely foolish to invest everything into crypto, or any one thing for that matter. Of course, I'm the last person that anyone should listen to for financial advice.

As far as delusions fueled by large number of people. Everyone is subject to it and participates in it. Of course I think critical thinking is at an all time low, given I spent (I don't know why) over 2 1/2 hours going back and forth with a flat-earther. Go read that thread here, entertainment if nothing else.
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