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Queer fashion over the ages
I’ve failed to dig up (google?) a site covering the history of aphabet soup fashion over the ages.
Does anyone know of one?
Ah, just found a few - I must have been typing in the wrong criteria.


We need to be careful of the terminology used in some of these sites- for instance <https://www.livemint.com/mint-lounge/features/queer-fashion-and-india-1561087456280.html> in discussing the 17th century this site uses the term ‘homosexuality’ . In the 17th century the term didn’t exist, neither did the idea of a class of humans defined by who they had sex with and how. The European outlook regarded male/ male and female / female sex acts as perversions indulged in by those evil enough to do so, not as acts committed by an exclusive group defined by their sexuality.

Don’t know why David Beckham is included here https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2017...ster-bears considering he’s incurably hetro.

I’m old enough to have witnessed first hand the fairy godmother of camp tarted up like on old brothel madam.

Reminds me of an argument I got into over one of George Michael’s dreary conservative outfits.  
The Human Race is Insane.

A few recent disasters - - - - ? 
The Human Race is Insane.

Fashion advice from diesel dykes? Can they be serious ?
The Human Race is Insane.

The Human Race is Insane.

(06-15-2021, 12:19 AM)Karl Rand Wrote: https://whatson.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/events/butch
The Human Race is Insane.

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