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Howdy, y'all
Hello, you can call me Horse. I'm an approximately 30 year-old pansexual transguy from Tennessee who's mostly looking for friendships with other queer dudes (tho new friends in general is always welcome!).  I have friends, but I've struggled to find people who are like me or spaces for queer men to just... interact rather than hook up. Really looking for someplace where I'm not fetishized or seen as "not really a man" I guess. I'm not sure if this is that place, or if it's even very active at this point (I know forums have kind of fallen to the wayside) but, I figured I'd register and give it a go. Hell, maybe some of y'all know of other places I could try too! And I'd definitely like to hear from anyone who's geographically close because honestly there is NO queer community in this little town in the middle of the country so it's always a rare treat to meet someone from round these parts haha.

Welcome to the forum....even though I just got here after you.

Welcome to the forum Horse  Welcome
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Welcome to the forum @Horse, good to have you here Smile. We're a friendly bunch here, and I for one hope you stick around. This forum has gotten a little quieter over the years but still has it's core of longer term members. New faces are always welcome!

Welcome to the forum! I'm Chuck
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Welcome to the site @Horse Nice to have you around! Smile
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Welcome to GS @Horse I'm right next to you, figuratively speaking, in NC Smile
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Hello @Horse ! Welcome to the forum! Smile

Hope you will enjoy yourself here. Smile

Hey Horse nice to meet you. Chat soon!!

Hi Horse welcome to GS Smile
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