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Random encounters
Is not my thing then. 
I thought I was going to meet a young guy earlier, but turned out he was a cocktease, attentionwhore.
I had become so very horny thinking I was about to have sex with a a feminin boy. And hopefully more. 
But once I got to the place where he said to meet him, he started telling me to make some weird videos. 
Just so that he could have a laugh ofc. 
I didn't do it, so he grew tired and said no to meeting. 
And eventually he told me he was no where near where I was. 

So frustrated af I went on norwegian sites like this one and asked if someone wanted to suck me.
One guy sendt me a message. 
I went to him, but my frustration went away while driving to there. 

The guy I was meeting is a top. 
Which I am too.
So things didn't go well. We ended up laying naked in bed and just chatting. 

It was alright that too though.

But I found out that I need someone who is sub, younger than me, cute and such to enjoy it. 
And someone who enjoys sucking dick, like a lot ?

So yeah. Not actual dating. 
So move it to some where it fits better.

A lot of guys are like that unfortunately. Is Grindr a thing where you're at? That might be a good app to check out if you're looking to "hook up" or find random encounters.

GaySpeak does have a dating section but mostly here it is guys seeking advice, discussion of various topics and so on.
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