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South Carolina Pride in Columbia, SC
InbetweenDreams@Bhp91126 Yeah I suppose we could do something like that. There is a place in Asheville, NC called O'Henry's that might be cool to experience too. Plus it probably helps to have a few friends to hang with too. I'm not much of a club, bar type person and neither is my partner, or perhaps hasn't come out of his shell yet. But it is food for thought. My biggest gripe about Atlanta is parking. It can be a bit overwhelming not finding parking, not knowing your way around and ah the traffic is usually dreadful. My ex used to live in Atlanta and it was always a hassle to do anything. Of course it being Friday night, he wants to go out but of course there's an hour wait just to get a table anywhere. Forget a call-in order for food...Did I mention my ex didn't like the smell of cooking? Yeah...

Just a random post since I just happened to come across this post. What a world of difference a few months make in the life of a well deserving man, Mike. You've surpassed your dreams and I'm happy to know it within the context of where you came from. Salute. Lovelove
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That is true. I need to remind myself to be grateful when I am being negative (although I suppose being more grateful helps with the latter). I laughed about the bit about parking in Atlanta though.
"I’m not expecting to grow flowers in a desert, but I can live and breathe and see the sun in wintertime"
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