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Searching for a true story of a decade ago...
Hi everyone!

Ok I am just going to try it here, because all I can remember is that I read the story in a Gay Forum website.
Here it goes:
It's a true biographical story about a gay man. All I can remember is that he went to a Catcholic school when he was a boy. This was in the fifties or sixties. He married shortly with a woman and had a son with her. She didn't take care well of their son so they broke up (I think). He got in a relationship with a man and raised his son with him. The person telling this story died eventually. I don't know if it was cancer or another disease.

I only remember he was talking about his son when he was a baby that he turned all blue in his room , because of the crying. He was then still with the woman.

So this story was published in a forum, but can't remember which one. It looked exactly like this one. The story hasn't been published as a book (sorry for the misinception), but was only posted in the forum at that time. Probably it's typed in a PDF-file afterwards. I don't know.
I think it was 2009-2011 when it was posted. His partner said his final words on the forum that he no longer would respond or answer any questions as he died in that period when the man was posting his story.

I just can't remember anything than this. This story has touched my soul at that time. I cried almost my eyes out. 

(English isn't my native language, so I hope I described the fragments clear of that story).

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