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Sims Expansion Won’t Be Released in Russia Over Gay Marriage Depiction
Sims Expansion Won’t Be Released in Russia Over Gay Marriage Depiction

An expansion pack for The Sims will not be released in Russia due to its depiction of same-sex marriages, the widely popular video game’s developers announced Wednesday. 

The Sims 4 “My Wedding Stories” expansion pack adds onto the game’s existing wedding features and increases customization. While LGBTQ+ representation and same-sex marriages were already present in The Sims 4 — resulting in the game’s 18+ rating in Russia — concerns arose over the expansion pack’s marketing and brand storytelling, which follows two female Sims as they plan their wedding.

If released in Russia, the expansion pack’s marketing would require significant changes in order to comply with the country’s 2013 law prohibiting content marketed toward minors that presents homosexuality as a societal norm. 

In a blog post, the game’s developers Electronic Arts said they decided not to release the pack in Russia, as altering its content to comply with local laws would have “meant compromising the values we live by.”

[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!

1syellow1 1syellow1 1syellow1 Hi—Now that's such a shame!

   I love "The Sims" too! I use to have the very first one for PC, I have the fourth one for PlayStation 4!

   That game is so addicting—I think if you apply a lot of the things in that game to real life, it can teach you a whole bunch! Responsibility, relationships, occupations—quite a successful series.

   The thing that defeats the whole purpose of the game is the cheats! Like infinite cash or something!

1syellow1 1syellow1 1syellow1 Thanks for the piece of news!
"Beyond the attractive person in mind, body, & soul is nothingness." - JDD22

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