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Engagement Ring(s)?
Hi  1syellow1

Y'know, sometimes I think us LGBT Plusers should keep specific rings on designated fingers—be it hands or toes—to tell our genders, identities, orientations, etc. etc. marital status apart. I think it'd great! What do you all think?

Congratulations btw!

"Beyond the attractive person in mind, body, & soul is nothingness." - JDD22

Balance between chaos and order...tradition...rebellion, fun within or lack of rules and conventions, nothing is ever truly static.

I like that the tradition of left hand ring finger is just as much mine as a gay man as any hetero. The fact that I dare wear other rings on other appendages can certainly be a fun or daring statement or signal.

In the end, regardless of what I wear or where (I'm thinking naked as a jaybird), "if you want to know, just ask" is the way I'd deal with it. And, "otherwise, mind yo business." Cool
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(10-04-2022, 08:57 PM)InbetweenDreams Wrote: So, can y'all fill me in on this whole matter of engagement rings? I honestly don't know much beyond that usually one proposes to the other....and then there is a wedding band? I feel like it is probably simpler than I am making it out to be. I guess the problem is that I am not sure I fully understand the tradition as it applies to hetero couples and then being in a gay relationship there is the question of who wears the ring or do both wear rings?

Here's what I can say, I would be the one proposing most likely and would probably be a surprise. Just looking for general advice.

May I ask a suggestion of you?

A ring to your partner in pink, gold, & black would be gorgeous!
"Beyond the attractive person in mind, body, & soul is nothingness." - JDD22

Go with a 4mm, that’s my best suggestion! I had an 8mm and it was way too thick especially when cleaning countertops, would cling on everything! I recommend gold or black with gold Smile

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